Resilience: The Key to Retirement Well-being

Having a satisfying and healthy retirement is a case study in resilience.  When your days of working full time come to an end, much of what you have known ends too. Your sense of self, your financial underpinnings, possibly your access to good health care, your social structure, your  relationships with others, all will undergo changes. This course looks at the six basic life areas and offers resilience-based strategies that make for retirement well-being. 


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Rita Schiano
Rita Schiano

About the instructor

Rita Schiano is a resilience strategist and coach, speaker, and founder of Rita Schiano ~ Live A Flourishing Life. A former corporate vice-president and small business owner, Rita's leadership knowledge, strategies, and insights draw from both sides of the aisle. Organizations use Rita to help staff build resilient leadership skills, manage stress, and improve morale. As a personal strategic coach, Rita helps clients focus specifically on their most important goals, interests, challenges, and needs. The goal of private sessions is to offer insight and assistance that guides you towards actionable, positive changes that will affect all areas of your life. Rita received her Strategic Intervention Coaching Certificate from Robbins-Madanes.

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Just like you found a good financial advisor who helped you set financial goals and priorities, and recommend specific steps to meet them, now let me guide you through the strategies and steps you need to ensure your retirement well-being.

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